#38 Patrick Pieper


Driver Hometown: Aptos, CA
Car Owner: Myself
Crew Members: Billy Nelson and the rest of my friends who I pit next to [#83 Terry, #22 Adriane, #11 Jerry, #09 Dan, #3 Chris, etc]
Years In Racing: 1
Sponsors: Santa Cruz Boardroom, Santa Cruz Apparel, Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing, Blanco Basura, Sandbar Solar & Electric
Family: Ingrid [mom], Frank [dad], Lauren [sister], Shelby [dog]
Job Info: Assistant Food Service & Deli Manager @ New Leaf Markets Pleasanton….Mobile mechanic too
Racing Accomplishments: Earning American Stock Rookie of the Year 2012…just getting out there is enough of an accomplishment though
Website: http://www.turbobricks.com
Twitter Page URL: http://www.idonthaveatwitter.com
Facebook Page URL: http://www.facebook.com/patrick.pieper.355


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