#42 Mike Meazell


Driver Hometown:Gilroy
Car Owner:Mie Meazell
Crew Members:Gary Wright
Years In Racing:17 Years
Sponsors:OK Fire Systems, Gilroy Tire and Brake, Gilroy Automotive Machine
Family:Lita (wife), Jennifer, Kayla, Lindsay and Megan (daughters)
Job Info:Ok Fire Systems
Racing Accomplishments:
1997 Watsonville Speedway American Stock Championship and Rookie of the Year,
1998 Watsonville Speedway Street Stock Rookie of the Year,
2000 Santa Maria Speedway Late Model Rookie of the Year,
2003 Watsonville Speedway Limited Late Model Championship,
2003 Chowchilla Speedway Limited Late Model Championship.
2003 First place finishes at both of Chowchilla Speedways Limited Late Models “North vs South 50 lapper” and “Bite the Bullet”.
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