Driver Hometown:Gilroy Ca
Car Owner:Kurt Nelson
Crew Members:Dean Nelson, Jim Fernandes, John Giancola, Josh Messina, Trevor Boland, Brian Hopkins, Chris, Ryon Nelson, Dena Manthey
Years In Racing:20
Sponsors:Taco Bravo , Babes Lightning Mufflers, PW signs, San Benito auto wreckers, Maverick welding supplies, Green Metals recyclers, Dans Handyman, Bay City Motors, B SCADDEN DESIGN
Family:Dena Manthey girlfriend: Chris and Ryon sons:  Pam & Dean parents
Job Info: Manager Babes Lightning Muffler for 20 years
Racing Accomplishments: Three time main event winner, 93 Rookie of the year San Jose speedway, top three in points twice in the Taco Bravo sprints series, top three in points twice in Rebel Cup series,
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Facebook Page URL:[email protected]


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